Microsoft Previews Windows 8 Mixed Reviews Raise More Questions

Microsoft made an attention holding presentation to those attending their Preview of Windows 8. While Windows 8 and Windows 7 are very similar, there have been many improvements to the existing operating system (OS). Windows 8 will not only replace your current version of Windows 7 but can be downloaded and used on your tablet. There are hundreds of new apps for new Windows 8 that will be available and you’ll want to try them all.

Improvements to Microsoft Windows 8

The one complaint that the current users of Windows 7 had was concern over the amount of time it took to boot up the operating system. During a June demonstration, Microsoft Vice President Mike Angiulo predicted that Windows 8’s boot-up time would only be approximately 6 to 7 seconds. The same time is expected when waking the computer from the sleep mode. An encouraging improvement for the future.

It was announced that the new Windows 8 will support ARM-based devices. This has made many users and vendor partners extremely pleased. This also opens more options to customers who prefer a tablet to a desktop computer. Per Tony Bradley with PC World “An operating system that is use to having the massive processing power, RAM, and storage capacity of desktop and laptop PCs may feel a tad constrained on an ARM device.” Only time will tell for sure.

One rumor that has been passed around is that Microsoft has been working to improve the power-saving feature in its operating system. This would make battery life last longer while running software.

The first thing that you will recognize when you first open Windows 8 is the colorful Start menu. Windows 8 has a new app that Microsoft will also be launching that uses HTML5 and Javascript. This new app will allow you to finger tap on the screen to select an app or swipe the screen to view additional apps. These apps are similar to the ones you find on a tablet and will look a lot like the touch screen in Windows Phone 7. Classic Windows 7 will be running beneath the new touch screen along with its regular task bar—file manager—etc.

Microsoft has not set a date for releasing the new Microsoft Windows 8 to the public. They will be holding the “BUILD conference for developers” in September 2012 and hopefully will have more information at that time.  While this new version of Windows sounds very interesting there is still a ways to go before we know for sure all of the improvements and advances Microsoft has made.

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