Microsoft Surface Tablet Scheduled to Arrive—Fall 2012

Microsoft has announced that they will be offering their Surface Tablets to the general public this coming fall. This is a great step forward for Microsoft who is giving iPad a run for first place in tablet production and marketing.

Why is Surface Standing Out?

Microsoft Surface, if it is all that they say it will be, will be able to jump ahead and surpass IPad by leaps and bounds. Microsoft Windows 7 has become a favorite of many PC users and until now has not been available for tablet owners. The ability to use the new Windows 8 software on a tablet will grab many tablet users’ attention and businesses will flock to the Surface.

The Windows Pro Model of Surface is approximately the same size as the Series 7 Slate PC (11.66 inches long by .51 inches thick) and slightly larger than the IPad. While the size doesn’t make much of an impression, compare some of the other options and it will leave a stronger impression. The Windows Pro Model Surface has:

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 4 GB of Ram
  • 128GB SSD
  • USB and Micro—HDMI ports
  • Micro card expansion slot
  • Runs Windows

Other features of the Pro model are:

  • The cover is connected to the tablet and the keyboard is located on the inside of the cover.
  • The screen is scratch and wear resistant and reduces the amount of glare.
  • The surface of the tablet has a vapor-deposited (PVD) magnesium shell.
  • A kickstand, attached by hinges to the back of the tablet to make the tablet easier to use.
  • The Pro model will also run all of the other regular Window PC software—Word and Excel and other available Metro apps.

Besides the Pro Model of the Surface tablet, Microsoft will also be releasing another version of the Surface tablet: known as the RT. The RT is smaller than the Pro Model and runs a limited version of office called “Office, Home & Student” and Windows Explorer. The battery time of the RT model is 31.5 watt-hour compared to the Pro model of 42 watt-hours.

Microsoft has also hinted that they will be opening their own app store. The apps they will offer are compatible with The Pro Model of the Surface tablet and the Windows 8 software.

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