Proactive vs Reactive Tech Support

Reactive vs Proactive Tech Support | Honolulu Hawaii | Tor TechnologiesToday in the world of business, data is the lifeblood of the company. Data can be anything from files of correspondence to client records to financial accounts. Everything is kept on a computer, so of course you want the data to be secure, backed-up and accessible at all times.

With computers and data being such a mainstay in businesses, having a Hawaii IT support budget for your computer systems is necessary. A company has two options for IT support; Reactive support and Proactive support. However, it’s up to you and your company to choose what works best for you.

When a company uses a Hawaii IT support service as-needed, it is called reactive support. While reactive support may work for some, it’s often times more expensive. In reactive support, the IT company makes its money only when the client has computer system issues. As you can guess, reactive support often doesn’t make time to consult with clients and in reality, the IT services provider only makes money when the company is facing computer system issues. Many times businesses believe that reactive support is cheaper, but it’s not. In fact, reactive support can be much more expensive as the IT company can change its fees based on the issues your computer systems are facing. Aside from the cost it’s often hard for a business to arrange an IT budget to the ever-changing fees from a reactive support company.

The next option businesses have is called proactive support. In proactive Hawaii IT support, the IT company and business work together. The two parties will meet, set goals and ensure that all systems run smoothly. In fact, in proactive IT support it is in the best interest of both the IT support service provider and business to ensure things constantly run smoothly. In addition, businesses can set aside a certain IT budget as companies who offer proactive IT support have a monthly fee that is set in stone. No matter the issues that arise or the time needed to repair the issue the client pays the same fee, making it easy to keep all data safe and protected.

By assessing the needs of your business you can make a smart decision when it comes to Hawaii IT consulting providers. Whether your business is run from a remote location with a telecommuting staff or you have a single address with an on-site data center, network support is your best friend. By incorporating a proactive tech support team into your business you will protect your business from expensive down-times and outrageous technicians to fix the issue when it does arise; not to mention you’ll save yourself from any loss of data.

Regardless of your business set-up, Hawaii IT support services are best used up-front to prevent disruptions. In the world of IT, we all know that things can go wrong. ¬†Ideally, you’ll want top-notch proactive support technicians that can quickly assess the situation and resolve it efficiently.

What you do not want is a Hawaii IT support system that is so busy and burdened due to all the little things going wrong on a daily basis, that it does not have the where with all to put proactive fixes in place. The question every business owner needs to be asking is not whether they have a proactive or reactive tech support staff but what the balance between the two is.

Hawaii IT support services are here to stay. But the difference between avoiding problems and always playing catch up is a significant difference. Your Hawaii IT support services should be proactive, but ready to react to problems, as well.

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