Ruckus Wireless Awarded Certified status for its new Smart Wi-Fi

Wifi Wireless | Tor Technologies LLC | Honolulu Tech SupportRuckus Wireless TM  is an Innovative company researching and improving the Wi-Fi network. They have been in business for approximately 12 years and have been honored to receive one of the first “Passport” Certifications from Wi-Fi Alliance. This honor was bestowed on them for their ingenuity to provide an easier solution for its customers to connect to hotspots. Previously, customers had to manually log into an available Wi-Fi network but today this can be avoided with Ruckus Wireless TM ZoneFlex.

ZoneFlex offers just about everything you should ever need or want in a Wi-Fi. It is easy to install, configure and expand. It is pluggable, with automatic customer management, and also provides advanced security. ZoneFlex adjusts continuously and adapts to Wi-Fi surroundings. Small businesses as well and big businesses will find costs within their budget and will be pleased with all the options that are available.

BeamFlex is a smart, compact antenna array. This, one of a kind, array will combine to form distinct patterns. It remembers the surrounding interference sources and will select the best pattern for each communicating device and in the process connect you to the clearest pattern.

If your business participates in many Wi-Fi video transmissions, SmartCast is a wise investment. When using this program you will be assured that it will deliver multiple video streams, and provide quality voice control.

SmartSec generates, configures, and installs encryption keys on client devices—in a process that’s totally transparent to the user. It is easy to use and has security capabilities that for the user.

SmartMesh Networking
When combined with ZoneFlex 802.11n you can expect high performance. It is easy to use with one-click setup and one-screen management. It connects with other mesh nodes and will select the path that is best and avoid interference.

ZoneConnect is available for many smart devices—Apple iPads and iPhones, Android OS, Windows Mobile, and Windows CE platforms. It can adjust the settings on mobile devices. It also will provide wireless authentication and security parameters.

All of these modern up-to-date products and computer support are available in Honolulu and Oahu Hawaii.

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