How business can take advantage of telecommuting in Honolulu

Just as being at work is not the same thing as “working,” you do not have to physically be AT work to get work accomplished. For years before the advent of telecommuting, entrepreneurs were aware of all the wasted time spent in offices across the nation, when employees were not working. This awareness even spread into the mainstream culture where people started asking, “Was that three martini lunch really ‘work’?”

Today, thanks to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and VoIP phone systems, whether your employees are staying home to attend to a sick child or simply hoping to save money on transportation costs, their productivity can carry on. In fact, employees who have the space to make a cup of coffee at home when they feel like it tend to be more productive. We’re at our best when we take a few breaks during the day. Telecommuting makes so much sense in so many businesses that it is even easy to imagine a future where business offices as they are known today will be more like Meeting Centers to gather a dispersed staff for weekly, monthly, or quarterly sessions.

Since 2009, when Microsoft came out with the technology for Remote Desktop Services (RDS), access to applications and data can be retrieved by anyone from (almost) anywhere. In Honolulu, Microsoft RDS changed how business is done. It also changed business. Money previously spent on Honolulu IT support services uploading software to individual computers can now be used for other purposes. Budgetary lines reserved for renting and maintaining large offices are now re-allocated. With Microsoft RDS, IT support services are concentrated on one Terminal Server and users can log on through a company network remotely.

VoIP, or, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the newest technology to bring out-of-office business management to the forefront of innovation. Honolulu VoIP systems allow for any and all voice communication sessions to take place using the Internet. The combination of Microsoft RDS and Honolulu business VoIP phone system results in a state-of-the-art platform for small, medium, and big businesses alike.

In a world in which time is money, telecommuting using high tech applications such as Microsoft RDS and Honolulu business VoIP systems is definitely the way to go. With these advances in technology, there is really no downside. You save on the cost of commuting but make no compromise on accessibility of data and information. Holding meetings has literally never been easier than it is today using Microsoft RDS and business VoIP systems.

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