Business Phone Systems

Many small business owners all over Hawaii are looking to upgrade their phone systems from something basic into more technical business phone systems.  Business phone systems allow businesses to function at a much higher level because they offer technology that a regular phone system can’t.  In the most basic sense, a business phone system is any system that has multi lines available, but there is a lot more to it than more than one phone line.

Business phone lines continue to develop, improve, and upgrade; just like any other technology.  There are many functions that a phone can give you that would have never been possible twenty years ago.  Here are just a few of the things that business phone systems can offer your business:

Answering machine functionality – Also known as voice mail, having a built in voice mail system is pretty standard with business phones.

Speed dialing – Programming important phone numbers into your phone system is simple, easy, and routine.

Remote access to the phone system – Being able to access your phone system or listen to your voice mail from any location is commonplace with the most modern phone systems.

Caller Identification – Being able to see who is calling and get their information is an important part of business systems.

Special operator functions – Call transferring, hold functions, and coordinating conference calls are all operator functions.

Phone specific programming – Business phone lines can be programmed to allow different phone lines have different functionality.  The receptionist and the CEO can each have their own programming.

Business phone systems should be compatible with headsets and wireless headsets, allowing for your office to run smoothly and efficiently.  Many businesses are also switching their systems over to VOIP programs.

VOIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol and it refers to a specific type of phone system.  With the VOIP programs, phone calls, multimedia, and the like are all done over an IP, or Internet Protocol, network.  One of the most well known VOIP systems that is used worldwide is the Internet phone service Skype, which allows people to video chat through a VOIP system. Today there are also tech support services in Hawaii that offer these services to their customers.

Phone services tend to take up a fair amount of your finances.  This is why it is so important to have a business phone service that works for you and gives you the most in options for your money.

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