What is Mobile Device Management

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A newer term to the technology market is Mobile Device Management, or MDM.  This is a term that refers to the functionality and organizational management of mobile devices.  As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, and many can be used as hand held computers, getting these devices as productive as possible is imperative to good business practices.

There are some specific terms and issues that fall under the overarching process of Mobile Device Management.

Enrollment – This phrase is specific to the process of enrolling people into a corporate network.  This process allows for IT services to track these mobile devices and even access control over them when need be.

Configuration – This phrase is in connected to the special services or apps that all your business mobile devices need to have.  Most often this is a onetime program and all employees need, but it could also be specific to the department.

Security – Unfortunately, viruses don’t just happen to PCs anymore.  Mobile devices are susceptible to hackers and viruses.  With MDM there is a certain amount of security that needs to happen, especially where your business information is concerned.

Encryption – This is a part security issue, but with your business it is so much more.  Security concerns with your mobile device are connected to good encryption.  When looking at your business Mobile Device Management this is a key area that needs to be looked at.

Remote Wipe – This process allows an IT support person to completely wipe a mobile device when the device isn’t present.  This is good when an employee is relieved of their duties, but still has access to company information from their mobile device.  By wiping their mobile device remotely you protect company information.

Backup – As mobile devices become more and more commonplace, having a solid backup system is imperative.  The only way to insure that your small business information is safe is with a solid backup and recovery system.

App Management – Any apps that are part of a mobile device will also need to be managed.  This could be in relation to something as simple as a file service or cloud program or something more complex, but when it comes to MDM you need to also consider apps.

With your company mobile devices you can no longer think of them as just cell phones.  These small electronics are computers walking around with your company information in them.  The newest part of IT management is in Mobile Device Management.

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