3 Signs That Your Business Needs Workflow Automation

Workflow automation can keep a successful business profitable and growing. Many routine tasks can be automated and there’s some great software out there to oil the wheels of your business. Within a short time, your new work automation software will make your business more efficient and your revenues will grow.

So how do you recognize the right time to invest in work automation software? Here are three common signs which should act as wake-up calls.

Too Much Paper

We all know the paperless office is a fantasy but do you still need that shelving crammed full with lever-arch files? Of course you don’t. Paper forms are bad on so many levels. Apart from magnifying your carbon footprint, paper is just, well, inefficient. Paper gets lost. It gets buried under other paper. If you’re printing out images on an inkjet printer it is going to be putting a sizeable hole in the company wallet.

Paper forms also take longer to complete and to read. With a PC screen you can adjust the magnification and brightness to suit your eyes. With paper you have to decipher employees’ handwriting as well as dig out your glasses. This all takes time. Believe us; reduce the paper and lighten your overhead.

You’re Suffering From a Tsunami of Work

It’s great to win new orders but you don’t want to be deluged. At least, not all the time! If you’re finding you’re no longer able to cope with all the new business thrown at you and you keep missing deadlines, then perhaps it’s time to have a think. Work automation software could be the savior you’ve been looking for, helping you to schedule work in a way that makes sense and prioritizes major clients. Look into investing in the required new technology before your business suffers a fatal loss of reputation.

Everything’s a Fog

As CEO, you should have a clear view of everything that’s going on in the running of your business. This means visibility and transparency. Don’t try to manage in a fog. Unfortunately, if communication is poor and you’re not aware of what your employees are up to, you risk becoming dangerously unaware of the status of projects. You lose any sense of who’s accountable for what. This is the fog of business; keep out of it or risk losing control of your business permanently.

Any of the three reasons given above should make you consider installing work automation software. Don’t lose your business through inefficiency when the technology is available to boost your productivity.

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