3 Reasons to Have Automatic Backups

One of the advantages of a backup system is that it gives you peace of mind. If you have to remember to perform the backup and do it properly, that’s another thing to think about. You can take pressure off you and your workforce by using an automatic backup system.

Back up regularly, on time, every time. If the worst happens and you lose your files, you can restore your systems without breaking a sweat.

Reduce Mistakes

According to many sources, human error is the main cause of data loss. Do you really want to put those humans in charge of your data storage, backup, and recovery?

Automating your data backup takes the pressure off your staff. There are plenty of areas where the human element and human interaction boost your business, such as customer service, sales, and marketing. Data backup is not the place. Automating your data backup removes an unnecessary weakness from your business.

Back Up As You Go

Some business files in frequent use and are regularly updated. To make sure that you always have the latest version of these files, as well as previous versions, it’s necessary to do one of two things:

  1. a) have every staff member using the file perform a backup, store the file under a different name, and preferably in a different location, each time they access and change the file.
  2. b) use an automated backup system.

An automatic backup program can store copies of your files as soon as they are altered. You will always have previous versions and the latest version of files that you choose, and they will be in a safe location.

Restore Your Data Fast

An automatic backup system is organized in such a way that, following a disaster, you will be able to find your files quickly, access them, and get your business back on its feet.

When you rely on manual backups, you can never be sure that they are in good shape. Businesses often discover that files have been incorrectly saved, overwritten, or saved to the wrong location. They often discover this too late.

Automatic backup keeps things simple. If the worst happens, you’ll want to rely on the best automatic backup system to get you out of a difficult situation.

In the event of a fire or flood, a power outage, a cyber attack, or good old human error, an automatic backup system will ensure that you have not only the right files, but that you also have the very latest versions, in a separate, secure location.

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