Managed IT Services vs. The Eyes Shut Method (ESM)

The thing about the Eyes Shut Method is that it only works as long as there is nothing to see. As soon as there is a problem, the method falls apart. Businesses following ESM end up wishing that they had picked up the phone to talk to a Managed IT Services firm.

It’s rarely too late to get in touch with a Managed IT Services company. But it’s best to do it now before your company is directly impacted by the factors threatening the profitability and even survival of businesses today.

Scale Your Business

Working with a Managed IT Services firm means that you will be ready when the time for change arrives. You might be changing because you are ready to expand. Growing your business generally means growing your IT infrastructure.

Managed IT services is flexible enough to change with your needs, keeping you in control. When you work with managed IT services, you are working with a team of experts. Whatever your needs, there is someone on hand to take care of it, and fast.

Scaling your business without the help of a managed IT services firm, however, involves increasing your IT staff. This takes time, and money. You may also need to pay for the relevant training.

When you are growing your business, this is the best time to be looking ahead, strategizing, and making the most of opportunities. If you are concentrating on keeping your infrastructure in tact during the transition, you are sure to be missing potential threats and opportunities.

Keep Costs Regular

With managed IT services, you pay a predictable, monthly fee. If your computers go down and you need emergency backup, this is included in your monthly fee. If you decide that it is time to upgrade your hardware or software, your team of IT experts can take care of the research, installation, integration, training, and troubleshooting.

If you decide not to think about your IT until the last minute, you may find yourself deciphering IT magazines when a managed IT services firm would already have completed the project.

Protect Your Business from Employee Churn

When your dedicated, in-house IT staff leave, they take their knowledge and experience with them. They also leave you looking for a replacement.

If you use managed IT services, however, a team of experts always has the latest information that is relevant to you firm. You don’t have to pay for staff training. Access to teams of fully-trained individuals who undergo frequent training is part of the benefit of managed IT services.

With managed IT services, your businesses can be stronger, faster, and more resilient. With disruption in the economic, political, and technological arenas, it’s not the time to be burying your head in the sand.

Get on board with managed IT services to keep your business flexible, relevant, and profitable.

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