Managed Services and Keeping Your IT Staff

You might be worried that working with an MSP means letting go of your existing IT staff. Many businesses, however, retain their IT staff who then work alongside an MSP.

While Managed Services staff quickly learn about your business, its challenges, and its objectives, you may want to keep your existing IT staff, whether it is a team or an individual. You are already familiar with your in-house IT department it is are already intimate with your business. By assigning routine but important tasks such as backup and network management to your MSP, your in-house staff can focus on jobs that will make them feel more fulfilled and will get your business moving in the right direction.

An MSP can help your IT team:

Save Your Business Money – There are sure to be aspects of your IT that could be improved to make your business more efficient and save money. Remember when your IT team was so wrapped up in maintaining the infrastructure that it didn’t have time to focus on this? With an MSP, improving your systems to save money is an exciting possibility.

Increase Revenue – Your MSP can either take over routine tasks, or – better still – automate them. This will give your IT team the opportunity to pro-actively go after revenue increasing opportunities.

Take Advantage of New Technologies – By taking over the day to day management of your infrastructure, your IT staff will be able to make the most of new and developing technologies, including the cloud.

Like cloud applications, many new technologies require an initial investment of time that is not feasible for many businesses unless there is some way to lift the burden from staff. Once these new systems are in place, however, they can be integral to transforming your business and moving you towards your goals.

Using an MSP is not only good for your IT staff. It’s good for productivity and efficiency across your entire organization.

For some businesses, it makes sense for an MSP to replace an existing in-house IT team. For others,  an MSP will complement the activities of the in-house team.

Tor Technologies LLC is a Honolulu, Hawaii based MSP.  To discuss how an MSP can help you move towards your goals, give us a call or send us an email today. We are looking forward to helping you run your business as you believe it should be run.

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