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Don’t be afraid of VOIP. It’s just an abbreviation to save our fingers when typing. It’s quite a mouthful when said in full too.

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. While we’re throwing around abbreviations, this post is an FAQ to answer the most common questions ASAP. Let’s begin.

Don’t laugh, but what is VOIP?

It’s a good question and we’re glad you asked. VOIP technology refers to technology that allows you to make calls over the internet rather than using a traditional phone line.

Why Would Anyone Want to Do This?

It’s cheaper. And more flexible. And the quality is better. You can scale up or down easily too.

Do I Need New Equipment?

You’re going to need a broadband internet connection. The chances are good that you have one of these. If you’re concerned, we can check it out for you.

Then you’re going to need one of these three things:

  • a VOIP-enabled phone
  • a traditional phone and a VOIP adapter
  • a computer with VOIP software.

But How Does it Work?

Your VOIP-enabled phone, your VOIP adapter, or your VOIP software will convert your voice into data packets that can be sent over the internet. If you are calling a cell phone or a landline, these data packets will be converted into a regular signal before it reaches the person you are calling.

VOIP calls are fast, reliable, and high quality. The recipient of the call won’t necessarily know the difference. You, however, will appreciate multiple advantages.

Is VOIP the Same as Unified Communications?

Unified Communications could be described as an advanced version of a VOIP telephony system. With Unified Communications, you’re going to get access to other cool features, including conferencing that combines voice, video, data, and desktop sharing. You can use sophisticated call center features. And your staff will be able to determine the availability of team members at a glance. This saves businesses a lot of time, money, and effort.

VOIP is a technology that many businesses are switching onto because of the advantages of cost, flexibility, and quality.

Tor Technologies LLC is an authorized Zultys dealer.  If you want to know whether VOIP is right for your business, consider whether you could do with saving money, increased flexibility, and better quality calls. Then give us a call and we can discuss how switching to VOIP might help you achieve your business objectives.

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