Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Business IT Solutions

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How would you like to sleep like a baby because you know that your business is in good hands?

Here’s how we can make this happen.


IT Consulting

A good IT consultant does not exist to sell off-the-shelf products to as many businesses as possible. This might be IT selling, but it’s not IT consulting.

An IT consultant will listen to your concerns and your business objectives. He or she will then observe your business and how things are done.

The next stage is to look at where your business needs to be and what is required to bridge the gap.

You can expect the incoming solutions to have a technological edge. This technology will be the right software and/or hardware to help your business meet its goals, within your projected time frame and budget.

You can also expect your business to run more efficiently, with solutions like automation, cloud-based services, VoIP, and more, so that your business becomes a powerhouse, producing more for every ounce of effort put in.


Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services can monitor your systems and resources so that you don’t have to. Why rely on a salaried, in-house team, or emergency call-outs, when you can use a team of dedicated professionals. Tor Technologies provide services including monitored and managed data backup 24/7 for a flat rate.

If you’ve been worrying about email security, your firewall, system breakdown, or any of the array of things that can and will go wrong with your network at some point, managed IT services will take the stress away.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

When the worst happens – whether this is a natural disaster, such as a fire or flooding, a malicious attack, or data loss due to human error – it will give you peace of mind to know that you can get your critical data back within minutes.

Imagine losing logistical information, financial accounts, critical customer details, or exclusive, confidential client information?

With a backup and disaster recovery plan in place, you can get your business back up and running no matter what happens.


We are reliable, professional, and full of creative ideas to help your business serve its clients better. No matter the size of your business, we will provide you with expert, enterprise-level service.

Get in touch today to take a leap towards your business objectives and get a good night’s sleep.

Find out how we can help.


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