4 Tech Challenges Small Businesses Face (and How to Overcome Them)

Businesses face IT challenges, no matter what size they are. If you run a small business, the following 4 concerns are likely to be familiar to you.


  1. Hiring, retaining, and training staff

IT is more important than ever. Associated skills are more necessary and at the same time more scarce.

This is one of the top problems that we see when working with new clients. And this is not a new problem, but it’s more pronounced due to rapid technological innovation. A lack of knowledge and skills applies to both general staff and IT support staff.

When hiring or thinking about how to retain talent, embrace the fact that your staff, particularly IT personnel, need to be prepared to learn new skills and update their knowledge. Prize flexibility and willingness to learn.

By using managed IT services, you can ensure that you have a dedicated IT team that is always up-to-date with the latest technological developments.

  1. Using IT effectively

If a small business were to use all its IT effectively it would have more punching power.

The way to solve this challenge is through education. There is no point upgrading systems if people don’t know how to use them properly.

When we work with clients, we help everyone gets onboard with IT to make sure it is being used as efficiently as possible. With trained, engaged users, IT can save your business more money.

  1. Managing change and innovation

This is similar to the challenge of skill gaps, but the focus here is more on your IT infrastructure. The way we do business is not just changing; it’s evolving. New systems lead to problems integrating systems with each other.

You can solve this issue by working with IT consultants or using managed IT services. In both cases, you’ll be working with IT professionals who know how to get systems working together and how to get your staff working with the systems.

IT should be your ally, not a challenge. The rapid technological change we are seeing is not for the sake of change, but to improve how you do business. Getting some help can allow you to make the most of these opportunities.

  1. Security

With more IT, larger networks, and more data, there is an increased risk of unwanted breaches, accidental loss, and deliberate theft or misuse of data.

Solve this with better education about data protection. Everyone should know what it means and why it is important.

Raising awareness is the first step. Data security professionals can guide you and your staff. And they can also put software in place to help detect threats, reduce their likelihood, and deal with related problems in real-time.


In the digital age, all business have tech challenges. Fortunately, there are professionals to provide IT solutions to match.

To implement these solutions and more, get in touch with Tor Technologies at (808) 545-3441.

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