4 Ways to Reduce Business Costs With IT

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Many businesses we work with come to us because they are looking for ways to reduce their business costs. Being an IT solutions firm, we like to use technology to achieve this. Our focus, however, is on achieving your goals.

Here are four great ways you can use IT to reduce business costs.


Use VoIP

Traditional telephony can be expensive. Fortunately, the feeling that a landline is the only reliable form of communication is fading. Using VoIP, you can communicate with your colleagues, customers, and business partners over the internet. This means that it’s fast, cost-effective, and flexible.

With VoIP, you can:

  • communicate with conference calls,
  • hold virtual meetings (combine video conferencing, texting, and instant messaging, for example),
  • take your work number out of the office with you to use on another device, and
  • know the “availability” of your colleagues without hanging on the phone waiting for someone to pick up in an empty room.


Go paperless

You’ve probably seen the emails from your bank and other organizations that generate a lot of automated letters suggesting that you go paperless. If your business hasn’t gone paperless, it can save you time and money.

Going paperless means printing only when necessary. If you can invoice digitally and make payments online, you’ll save on resources and find that things are easier to track too.

Filing and storing data on your computer will make it easily searchable and it takes up no physical room.


Change location

The prestige of a top-notch physical location can be valuable. It can also be costly.

Perhaps you are in premises that are bigger than your needs? With cloud computing, you and your staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that you can consider co-working or remote working to save costs. And you’ll still be able to collaborate using a variety of affordable tools.


Use less software

You might not have expected to hear that from an IT solutions company, but we’re interested in the right solutions, not more solutions.

If you can use a few well-integrated systems that cover all your needs, you should probably go for it. We will help you find elegant solutions.


There are many ways that IT can help a small business save money. These are just a few.

For more information or to discuss other money-saving ideas with us, give Tor Technologies a call today at (808) 545-3441.

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