4 Steps to Protect Your IT System

Your technology works for you. Until it doesn’t. You can prevent malfunctions and extend the life of your tech by performing some routine decluttering.
It’s more cost-effective to prevent a problem than to fix it once you’re staring at a blank screen. Here are 4 things you can do to avoid issues and increase productivity.

1. Perform a Backup
Backing up is something that many people put off until later. For too many of these people, “later” never comes. What does come, however, is malware, a natural disaster, accidental deletion, or worse.
Backing up is not compelling for most people. It only becomes compelling when it’s too late. Or when a dedicated managed IT services firm – like ours – offers to handle your backups for you. 24/7. In the cloud. For a reasonable fee.

2. Clean your Devices
You probably consider the cleanliness of your work clothes, your desk, and your floor. If you are like most people, you may not have thought much about the cleanliness of your electronic devices. Most users have given their screen a cursory wipe with a sleeve. We recommend spending a few minutes per week wiping down your screens, keyboards, and casing with a microfiber cloth.
Follow this with a spray duster to get dust and debris out of your keyboards. Finish with anti-static, wipes. Treat your devices – and yourself – to this treatment regularly to feel better at work. Your devices may perform better, too.

3. Update and Optimize Your System
Keeping your system up to date will reduce the risk of cyber attacks. Many patches and updates address security vulnerabilities. Update your software, your browsers, and your security programs whenever the manufacturers advise.

4. Check your Security
Once you’ve updated your security software, run a security analysis to make sure that there are no gaps. Make sure that everything is up to date and that you changed your password recently.
Remember that data security is not just digital, but physical, too. If you are keeping a privileged-access terminal off-limits from the majority of staff, for example, make sure that you keep the door locked when there is nobody in there.
Perform these 4 steps regularly and your IT will be in better health than ever. To ensure security and boost productivity even further, get in touch with us for more information.

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