Common Questions and Answers about Managed Services

What is managed services? Why do small businesses opt for managed services?

The term “Managed services” refers to a comprehensive IT package wherein a business hires a professional to deal with all their IT concerns. Having a professional protecting your network cuts down on maintenance costs, provides a faster and more secure environment for the IT branch of your business to develop, and saves on personnel and equipment, while providing you the confidence and flexibility that is essential to remain competitive in today’s business environment.

Why choose managed services?

  • Serenity: having a team of professionals looking over your IT problems can help you anticipate issues that may arise and prevent attacks before they happen.
  • Efficiency: managed services keep you concentrated on the business side of your enterprise without getting costly IT invoices. With a managed service, you can pay less for more.
  • Performance: thanks to a managed service provider, your online performances improve, cutting down on computer crashes and keeping your network speed at a maximum at all times. It will help you to avoid costly and embarrassing hacks, too.

What do managed services offer?

  • You get a team of professionals reviewing and updating your IT services 24/365.
  • You get a dedicated service desk that can intervene in any eventuality or if in need of consulting on any new ideas.
  • Advice and assistance with hardware and software sales.

What are the signs that you may be in need of managed services?

  • You tend to do your own IT work, but are lost on new developments, or just feel you need a helping hand every now and then.
  • Your IT invoices are getting out of hand.
  • Your IT plan is lagging behind and customers are starting to complain.
  • You’ve lost track of your employee and business performance.
  • Your employees are starting to complain about lost productivity due to more frequent IT issues.
  • You believe that a PC should last more than six years.
  • You depend on non-professionals for your IT services.
  • You’re lagging behind the competition online.

What businesses make use IT managed services?

  • Big businesses: as the competition online becomes more savage, large enterprises have woken up to the benefits of outsourcing their IT needs to a third party, increasing efficiency and cutting costs.
  • Small businesses: though, unfortunately, many small businesses have yet to realize their vulnerability (in fact most hacks are directed at small businesses), many have come to realize that IT managed service offers the best and least costly option for both securing and optimizing their IT systems to improve productivity and revenue.

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