What Are the Benefits of VoIP for Growing Small Businesses

What Are the Benefits of VoIP for Growing Small Businesses

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, this is a phone service that uses data rather than phone lines to transmit calls. Long-held in the domain of large enterprises, today’s VoIP is affordable for small businesses and increasingly beneficial.

For companies using legacy technology, an investment into VoIP might seem like it’s a lot of effort just to change the way people make calls. However, the benefits of VoIP extend this technology into something even better. Rather than merely replacing calling methods one for one, VoIP introduces businesses to cost savings, better quality calls, better security, more accessibility and functionality, and scalability. It is no wonder more and more small businesses are switching to VoIP.

Benefits of VoIP: Cost Savings

While switching any kind of technology to something new will require upfront costs, small businesses ultimately see cost savings with VoIP. That is because the ongoing cost of VoIP is much less than legacy phone systems. VoIP does not require individual phone lines. Additionally, features like call forwarding are native to VoIP rather than being an added cost.

VoIP also costs less than legacy phone systems because the hardware comes with the system at a predictable monthly rate. Fees for long-distance calls are competitive, less than what legacy systems charge. Finally, companies are usually already paying for internet connectivity, so why not use what is already in place to make that money go further?

Benefits of VoIP: Call Quality, Functionality, and Security

The quality of calls made through VoIP is typically better than what you can get using a legacy system. It depends on the available bandwidth and the connection’s strength, but, generally, VoIP is better.

VoIP is also more functional than a traditional legacy phone system. It allows for flexibility, such as forwarding a call from one’s desk-based phone to a smartphone seamlessly. People can leave voicemail as audio files within emails. Conferencing is as simple as pressing a button. VoIP offers significant features and all of these services ensure your phone and your business works better than ever.

For small businesses, the many benefits of VoIP can help you compete with bigger businesses. You can enjoy all of the tools big companies have, like automated attendants, without having to break the budget to do it.

And it is worth remembering that VoIP is more secure than traditional phone connections. Because VoIP works online, any information, including calls and data, is encrypted.

Benefits of VoIP: Accessibility and Productivity

Today’s companies often operate with remote workers. For small businesses, however, it can be challenging to provide the right equipment. There is no need to buy additional hardware or additional phone lines to support someone working from home with VoIP. So long as there is an internet connection, a user can make and receive calls safely and securely.

Count this portability in for a cost-savings measure. A business does not need to invest in mobile phones for staff when employees can take their office extension numbers anywhere. VoIP can save on travel costs, with field employees able to connect virtually instead of traveling on-site.

This improved accessibility and functionality increase productivity. People no longer have to play phone tag or struggle to get work done over the phone. Instead, VoIP ensures that calls ring through to the places where recipients will be. If that doesn’t work, people can access voicemail. Whether it is employees working together over the phone or customers reaching staff, people get things done with VoIP.

Benefits of VoIP: Scalability

Just as with other virtual technologies, users can scale VoIP because it exists in a flexible environment. This means you can scale your VoIP service up or down as needed for a growing small business. If you expect a higher volume of calls during a busy season, simply bump up your virtual service. Forget about having to pay for long-term upgrades.

Because VoIP works for businesses and organizations of all sizes, there is no learning curve for scaling up. Companies can upgrade and increase their existing services. There is no easier way to grow!

Investing in VoIP

Now that you know the benefits of VoIP for small but growing businesses, you might be interested in trying this technology. We are happy to work with our clients to develop a VoIP system that fully suits their needs. We understand that every company operates differently and are confident that our services will make your business better. Get in touch with us to learn more about our VoIP solutions and how it will transform your work.

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