Why VoIP Solutions are Better than Call Forwarding

We use our phones for countless tasks and activities during any given workday. This technology is so important, but is often incredibly outdated, with workers tethered to their desk phones or trying to find workarounds. VoIP solutions negate clumsy attempts at call forwarding, multiple numbers needed to access one person, and missed phone calls.

Understanding Softphones

With a softphone VoIP solution, you get all of the functionality of a traditional desk phone, on your mobile device or computer. It is called a softphone because it’s a software based phone. The software provides a phone interface that mimics a desk phone.

Softphones are, in fact, more powerful than desk phones, because they can operate on computers. Video calling and conferencing, chat and SMS, visual voicemail management, and other features are entirely possible with softphones. You get all of the usual phone features you need to do business, with added functionality. 

Our Application Helps You Do Business Better

Our Zultys application, Zultys Mobile Communicator, binds directly to your mobile phone. For you, this means your device will function just like an office phone would in an office environment. If you were to receive a call, for example, both of your bound phones or devices would ring.

Every feature included in your office phone extends to your bound mobile device. That includes extension dialing, call transferring, presence management, call group status, instant messaging, faxing, and more. It comes together under one number and keeps calls together on one system. 

When it comes to what would traditionally be known as call forwarding, our VoIP solution does more. Instead of forwarding the call right out of the phone system, it is accessible through any bound device. You could, for example, receive a call on your mobile phone, then place it on hold and transfer it to another party or to your other device.

Essentially, the Zultys Mobile Communicator, installed on your mobile device, is the equivalent of sitting right at your desk. You can integrate into business as usual, no matter where you are, because your device is part of the system.

The Benefits of Softphones

With a softphone enabled by Zultys Mobile Communicator, you can take your business phone wherever you go. That means you can access phone calls, voicemails, chat, and other features from work, from home, or on the road. Receive incoming calls and make outgoing calls in hotel rooms, at a client’s office, or in a coffee shop.

This extended reach is helpful even if you plan to stay in the office all day. If you expect an important phone call from a client, you can still drop by the break room, grab a snack from the cafeteria, or join a meeting. When the call comes in, it will ring through to your device. You can answer without rushing back to your desk.

Sure, many companies have gotten by with a worker using a cell phone while they are on the road and a separate desk phone at work. But these systems mean there are two different phone numbers. Anyone trying to reach you has to use both if you are away from one device. With our VoIP solutions, the same number will reach the intended person, regardless of where they are or what device they are using.

Softphones truly are the future of business phones, offering flexibility, mobility, and better access. The gains in productivity also add a lot of value to your business operations, ensuring that staff is on the clock and efficient with calls.

Zultys Mobile Communicator is a powerful tool, providing the agility your organization needs to be consistent and successful. We are proud to partner with this cutting edge business and provide Zultys VoIP solutions to our clients. To learn more about what VoIP can do to transform your company, get in touch with us today!

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