What Can You Do to Improve Network Security?

Even the smallest business needs to take network security seriously. Cybercriminals aren’t picky. A small size won’t keep your company safe from people who are determined to take advantage of lax security practices. Your business deserves all the same network security and tech support as a larger enterprise. Here are a few simple ways to… Read More

Budgeting for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation holds the potential to completely change your business. In a good way. Digital transformation takes all of the outdated or time-consuming parts of your operations, and digitizes them to help your company make the most of its resources. Whatever you do on paper can be done on screens, for example. Repetitive tasks, previously… Read More

Updating Your Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster strikes — a natural disaster, a fire, a malicious attack — but it’s okay because you have a disaster recovery plan in place. At least, you think it’s okay. But if that disaster happens and your business is on the line with an out-of-date disaster recovery plan, you could be in rough shape. A… Read More

The Motivations of a Hacker

Welcome to the future. Businesses that have successfully embraced the internet are thriving as never before. On the flipside, however, the age of the internet has brought its own cybernetic plague; the hacker. Make no mistake; while some people romanticize the hacker as a new-age freedom fighter that defends the rights of the individual, the… Read More

Common Questions and Answers about Managed Services

What is managed services? Why do small businesses opt for managed services? The term “Managed services” refers to a comprehensive IT package wherein a business hires a professional to deal with all their IT concerns. Having a professional protecting your network cuts down on maintenance costs, provides a faster and more secure environment for the… Read More