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Today’s VoIP technology makes enterprise phone system features much more available to small businesses and at the same time reduce your phone bills.​

Tor Technologies, LLC is proud to offer our clients with a cost effective, feature rich solution through our strategic partnership with Zultys, Inc.

Zultys’ top-rated VOIP phone system for Small and Medium Businesses helps your company streamline operations, do more for less and still meet your business and customer demands. Zultys “all in one” system combines voice calling, presence, instant messaging, faxing and more into a solution that lets you tailor your phone system to meet YOUR requirements and connect all your employees into a single collaborative system to reduce costs and expand opportunities.

Zultys combines big-business functionality with the ease of use and smart deployment approach that the small to medium business needs to reduce costs, get the job done and stand out from the competition.

Easy to use and administer

Slash your calling costs

Enterprise features including high reliability and up time

Manage your voice mails more effectively and keep your customers happy

Empower your employees to quickly reach the person they need

Eliminate expensive hosted web and audio conference service and extra fax lines


Learn more about VoIP and how VoIP can benefit your organization

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is essentially phone service delivered over the internet rather than through traditional telephone lines. It can enhance existing phone services or fully replace legacy technology with more affordable and reliable software. While VoIP has commonly been used only by enterprise-level companies in the past, our services are available and affordable for small business too.

Instead of relying on analog signals from a phone line, VoIP uses digital signals sent over the internet. Using a single network to carry both voice and data is efficient and affordable, especially when that network is otherwise under-utilized. It also provides for better functionality, with many features unavailable when using traditional phone systems. 

The advantages of a well-made VoIP system extend to small and medium-sized businesses, not just enterprises. This technology has many benefits and is easily realized by smaller companies that take advantage of VoIP. It is not just about making traditional phone calls less expensive, but in fact provides even greater functionality thanks to digital data.

A legacy phone call is exactly that: just a phone call. VoIP calls are all packets of data that can be used in many ways, including storing, searching, copying, and distributing, amongst any device connected to the internet.

First, VoIP is easy to use and administer. While it might sound like complex technology, sending and receiving calls over the internet is, in practice, not much different than the analog method. When you work with our team, all of the administration can be handled as a co-managed or managed IT service. 

As we have noted, VoIP has a significant advantage of cost-effectiveness, for both domestic and international calls. VoIP numbers can show as part of a local exchange, so international callers will receive the local rate even if the recipient is nowhere nearby. And, with one network for both data and phones, your organization is streamlining networking costs.

Your staff will enjoy portability, as VoIP numbers can follow people wherever they go, including while using smartphones. You can say goodbye to ballooning mobile phone costs. Even VoIP handsets are less expensive than traditional telephone sets! 

VoIP services let your company drop expensive hosted web and audio conference service and extra fax lines. VoIP offers better call quality and greater flexibility, with faxes received through staff email, modernizing an archaic system. 

Enterprise features of VoIP include high reliability and uptime. We use state of the art systems to ensure dropped calls and poor signals are a thing of the past. If people are not available to pick up a call, your organization can remain reliable with automated assistance or call forwarding.

Both employees and customers are happier and more productive with VoIP. Employees can quickly reach the people they need to find, with instant messaging, presence information, video conferencing and more. These features ensure staff can connect with one another and with customers, even if they are not physically present in the office.

Customers will enjoy better response times as voicemails and messages are sent to employee email. This also helps with quality control and ongoing support, as voicemails and messages can be stored and referenced as needed. Regular calls can also be recorded, and call volume can be analyzed, ensuring there are enough staff to support customers on busy days.

One final significant advantage of VoIP is its security. Every VoIP system includes encryption protocols, keeping data and calls as secure as possible. This is not possible on a regular telephone connection, so if you want to safeguard company and customer information, VoIP is the way to go.

Our VoIP services come to you through a cost-effective, feature-rich strategic partnership with Zultys, Inc. Zultys provides a highly rated VoIP phone system designed for small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring non-enterprise companies can still enjoy the benefits of VoIP. This technology streamlines operations and saves money while meeting business and customer demands. 

Zultys combines that enterprise-class functionality with the ease of use and smart deployment approach that small to medium businesses need. With our expertise and the Zultys infrastructure, even the smallest companies can gain a competitive edge. 

We offer you an all in one system with voice calling, presence, instant messaging, faxing, and more. Businesses and organizations leveraging our VoIP services can tailor the solutions and systems to something that meets your business requirements and connectivity needs.


We are excited to show your organization how transformative VoIP can be. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can design, deploy, and maintain your new VoIP system.


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