Co-Managed IT Services


Working together, we bring your business to a new level of success and growth. Our Co-Managed IT services are tailored to your organization to reduce your workload and maximize your efficiency.


There is an option for IT services that falls between fully managed services and an entirely in-house IT team.

Co-managed IT services combines your internal IT staff’s strengths with the expressive and availability of managed services. With service tailored to your organization, your staff will enjoy reduced workload and maximized efficiency.


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Schedule a Meeting

The first step is to schedule a meeting with us, by phone or in person, so we can understand your company’s technical needs and challenges.


Design & Implement

After assessing your technical needs we design and implement a customized and completely tailored solution to meet your goals.


Manage & Maintain

You’re all Set! Once your systems are implemented we continually manage and maintain your IT systems including network infrastructure and technical support so you can focus on your business.


Each of our service agreements are completely customized to meet your needs.

Here are a few aspects of our co-managed IT services that will help your IT staff accomplish more, with fewer people and less time. You will find that co-managed IT services is a cost-efficient, highly effective way to get things done. We’re here to provide your IT team with a greater roster of tools, resources, and availability, handling the everyday details so they can thrive.

You have selected your IT team for a reason, based on their skill, experience, and knowledge. Co-managed IT services is all about collaboration, working with those insightful IT staff to make your business better, rather than competing with them. We are here to diversify your IT team in all the right ways, extending our skill, experience, and knowledge.

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of business operations that must operate at the highest level of efficiency and functionality. But because it is so critical, cybersecurity is often an IT responsibility that takes up a disproportionate amount of time and resources. Managing your organization’s security can quickly become a full-time job for IT staff, leaving no room for pursuing any other IT priorities or goals.

With co-managed IT services, we will manage the security of your infrastructure and digital assets. We have the resources and the skills to create and deploy strong cybersecurity strategies, keeping everything secure based on the specific needs of your company. With our team guarding your company with robust security practices, your internal IT staff can move on to other priorities knowing it is handled.

Backups are a routine part of cybersecurity and business continuity, and backup services are included as part of our co-managed IT services. Your IT team has better things to do than secure backups, but your company is at a significant disadvantage if this data is not secured. We provide encrypted, off-site backup at intervals that make sense for your business, hosting and regularly testing the backups.

We offer enterprise-class technology stacks to give your company access to premier monitoring, management and maintenance. Even if your organization is small, because you are investing in co-managed IT services you gain the same resources as the largest companies in the industry. Even better, you gain this access without the expense that major enterprises are shouldering for their in-house staff. 

This is just one example of how co-managed IT services can bring your IT resources, procedures and tools up to a higher level of efficiency and productivity. If you think you cannot afford enterprise-level IT, think again. Co-managed services keeps this access affordable, and better yet, it comes with a team of experts to maximize on that access.

Our Zultys engineers offer your business high-end VoIP solutions fully customized to your organization and its tech infrastructure needs. VoIP is transformative for many companies who want to do away with legacy communications technology, but it is a process that requires a lot of work. Instead of losing your in-house IT staff to a VoIP strategy, deployment, and the regular maintenance and upkeep VoIP requires, outsource to us.

Our team will work alongside your IT staff to ensure VoIP solutions are well-suited to your organization and continue to function as they should. If users need assistance or troubleshooting support, we handle that too. And, once again, your company will gain access to those enterprise-level VoIP services that might not be reachable otherwise.

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