Partners & Certifications

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partners have the necessary IT experience and knowledge to build and support proven Microsoft related solutions for all types of businesses. Microsoft is a technology company whose mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise delivers vital technology for business and life. The company’s solutions span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing for consumers, enterprises and small and medium business.


Zultys’ pure SIP Unified Communication solutions are built from the ground up to make ALL your communications systems work together by weaving voice, data, video, presence and mobility solutions into a single corporate Unified Communications system. Zultys’ Unified Communications solutions help businesses reduce costs, boost productivity and provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership and the fastest ROI of any system available.


Sophos evolves to meet every new challenge, protecting more than 400,000 organizations of all sizes in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyber threats. Powered by Sophos Labs, our cloud-native and AI-enhanced solutions are able to adapt and evolve to secure endpoints and networks against never-before-seen cyber criminal tactics and techniques.

Sophos Partner Locator – Tor Technologies, LLC

Sophos Global Program Badge XG Firewall Partner

Sophos Accredited

Tor Technologies, LLC is a Sophos XG Firewall Partner. This exclusive accreditation demonstrates that we are an expert in network protection and able to add additional layers to protect our customers and data.


Keeper is a market-leading, top-rated zero-knowledge security and encryption platform for preventing password-related data breaches and other cyberthreats. Millions of consumers and thousands of businesses worldwide trust Keeper to mitigate the risk of password-related cyberattacks.


Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi systems stand alone. Based on patented technology, Ruckus Wireless systems are the only ones on the planet purposely designed to adapt to real-time environmental changes. Smart Wi-Fi extends the range of signals, steering them around interference and obstacles that can devastate wireless communications. Thereʻs no more worrying about erratic performance, spotty coverage, or risky reliability.


StorageCraft is a premier software company focused on helping you backup fast and recover faster. StorageCraft develops innovative disk-based backup, disaster recovery, system migration and data protection solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. StorageCraft delivers software products that reduce downtime, improve security and stability for systems and data and lower the total cost of ownership for systems in all computing environments.


Cisco provides end-to-end networking solutions that customers use to build a unified information infrastructure of their own, or to connect to someone else’s network. Cisco solutions are the networking foundation of thousands of companies, universities, utilities, and government agencies worldwide.

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