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Tor Technologies has a solution for you whether you want greater productivity, time to focus on your expertise, more effective communications, business continuity, or confidence that your systems are safe, secure, and available to you 24/7. We offer quality support and services whether you’re on Maui, Kauai, Oahu or the Big Island of Hawaii.

Flat rate, all-inclusive tech support services
customized for your business needs.

Reduce cost and improve efficiency with our IT consulting services.

Trusted onsite and offsite backup solution with builtin business continuity.

Simple, scalable enterprise voip telephone system for the small business market.
Leverage our technology stack to maximize your efficiency.

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Tor Technologies LLC is your reliable, local provider of information technology services, solutions, and support. We are located in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii on the island Oahu.

We believe small businesses require the same level of tech support as large enterprises:

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