Data Backup – A History Lesson

They say that if you don’t know your past, you are doomed to repeat those mistakes. Brushing up on your data backup history might help you make better decisions. It could save the life of your business. What is Data Backup? Yes, we’re starting at the beginning, but this class moves fast, so hold tight. When… Read More

Preparing for Disasters

Here on the islands, we have our fair share of disaster risks. Tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions can all interfere with our ability to work. Man-made disasters like chemical spills, virus and malware attacks, and arson can also be highly disruptive. While these hazards aren’t often on our minds, the best way to recover… Read More

The Importance of Offsite Backup on Oahu

The reason accidents are called accidents is that they are not meant to happen. They are not intentional and they are certainly not planned; they can happen anytime. Because you cannot know the exact form of an accident before it happens the best defense against damage to your business or personal data on computers is… Read More

Three Reasons Not To Manage Your Own Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans

When it comes to backup and disaster recovery, a lot of business people mistakenly think that it’s simply a matter of copying your most important records from time to time, and keeping them in a safe place in case you have a hard drive failure or some major catastrophe. That’s understandable, but it doesn’t go… Read More