Updating Your Business Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster strikes — a natural disaster, a fire, a malicious attack — but it’s okay because you have a disaster recovery plan in place. At least, you think it’s okay. But if that disaster happens and your business is on the line with an out-of-date disaster recovery plan, you could be in rough shape. A… Read More

Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Business IT Solutions

How would you like to sleep like a baby because you know that your business is in good hands? Here’s how we can make this happen.   IT Consulting A good IT consultant does not exist to sell off-the-shelf products to as many businesses as possible. This might be IT selling, but it’s not IT… Read More

What to Consider When Creating a Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Plan

More than half of businesses that suffer the loss of critical data soon fail. Since you’re reading about creating a cloud-based disaster recovery plan, you’ve probably considered this already. According to SmallBizTrends, 60 percent of businesses suffering data loss close their doors within six months. The loss of productivity, critical client information, momentum, security, and… Read More

3 Backup Mistakes and Better Ways to Protect Your Data

Most business owners know that it’s important to back up data, but not everyone knows how to do that well. Let’s look at some bad ways to protect data and how a business might improve its methods.   Perform a major backup once a month. Some firms backup their critical files once a month. We… Read More

3 Reasons to Have Automatic Backups

One of the advantages of a backup system is that it gives you peace of mind. If you have to remember to perform the backup and do it properly, that’s another thing to think about. You can take pressure off you and your workforce by using an automatic backup system. Back up regularly, on time,… Read More