Is the Cloud Viable for Small Businesses?

The short answer: Yes. We know you might be busy running your business right now or thinking about getting some much-needed sleep after running your business, but here is a longer answer, too. In it, you’ll see how the cloud can improve your business and give you more time for the things that are important… Read More

The Four Main Approaches to Private Cloud Solutions

If you are already keen on the idea of utilizing a private cloud solution, but you don’t know how to approach it, you’re not alone. A private cloud solution provides many benefits to businesses. These businesses achieve enhanced security thanks to a monitored, controlled infrastructure, as well as flexibility through remote access and ease of… Read More

What are Cloud Enablement Services?

If you’ve been hearing about cloud enablement services and wondering why people seem to need this, here’s the answer. Cloud enablement refers to the process of reaching a stage where you can operate at least some of your organization’s IT infrastructure through the cloud. It’s the process of moving your IT from being in-house to… Read More

Cloud computing: heaven-sent or hazardous?

The advent of the cloud has been a mixed blessing for small business owners. Clouds can provide numerous advantages including data portability, interoperability between devices, and off-site data storage.  Designed to help protect valuable data and make your computing life easier, the cloud also face some security and privacy risks. Dangers of Cloud Computing Cloud… Read More

Skydrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Others

As a small business using a file hosting service can be a real benefit.  File hosting can include cloud storage, online file storage, file protection, and Internet hosting.  These services make it so you can access a document or file from any allocated computer, tablet, or smart phone that is networked.  What was once a… Read More