The Four Main Approaches to Private Cloud Solutions

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If you are already keen on the idea of utilizing a private cloud solution, but you don’t know how to approach it, you’re not alone.

A private cloud solution provides many benefits to businesses. These businesses achieve enhanced security thanks to a monitored, controlled infrastructure, as well as flexibility through remote access and ease of scaling. The advantages are clear, but it’s not always clear how to proceed.

Broadly speaking, however, there are four approaches for getting started with a private cloud solution.


DIY Private Cloud Solutions

If you are looking at a DIY solution, you are probably (or you probably have) a tech engineer. DIY private cloud solutions are for experts. You’ll know that Python does not refer to the non-venomous snake and you’ll know why the Open in OpenStack is so important.

You can troubleshoot. And you probably enjoy it. To be honest, it would be best if you enjoy it.

Control freaks – and this is not a criticism – like a DIY solution; compatibility and security are good. They can save money on training employees and by not having to pay anyone else, but they may have to say goodbye to weekends. And hair.

DIY private cloud solutions require significant effort, time, and engineering skills.


Distributed Private Cloud Solutions

In this scenario, your private cloud solution is deployed by a vendor. Again, customization and control are advantages.

Your know-how will stop you relying too heavily on your vendor. If you don’t have the know-how, you may as well get the most out of your cloud with a managed private cloud solution.

Despite being easy to create in the short term, it can be unnecessarily expensive in the long-term if you don’t have the relevant skills or resources.


Managed Private Cloud Solutions

With this kind of solution, you don’t deal with the infrastructure. You just have control over it. The solution is designed for you and you get expert guidance and support too.

This means that you can get up and running quickly. And then maintenance and management are not handled by you or your IT team, but by a reputable solution provider.

The biggest issue is finding a provider you can rely on. Don’t leave this to chance. Get in touch with us for the personalized help you need.


Hosted Private Cloud Solutions

This is similar to a managed private cloud solution. In this case, however, the vendor hosts it too. Not only do you not need to manage your cloud, but you can have your provider deal with the hardware issues too.

If you want a solution that works and you don’t want to get involved, or you want to keep your IT team focused on growing your business, this is an ideal solution.


There is no right way to start using the cloud, except for the way that works best for your business. We will help you find the best path and make it happen.

Whichever of these approaches speaks to you, speak to us. We can consult with you to help you get your cloud solution off the ground, along with any other IT-based improvements you may desire. Call us today.

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