Category: Small Business

Budgeting for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation holds the potential to completely change your business. In a good way. Digital transformation takes all of the outdated or time-consuming parts of your operations, and digitizes them to help your company make

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Preparing for Disasters

Here on the islands, we have our fair share of disaster risks. Tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions can all interfere with our ability to work. Man-made disasters like chemical spills, virus and malware attacks,

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Small Business Data Security Options

Data protection can be a hassle, and many small business owners consider it an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, the statistics are pretty clear, and they don’t agree with the sentiment that small businesses are safe from

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Using a Computer Tech Service

So your business has reached a point where you need serious help with your computer systems?  That’s great!  Congratulations!  Many Hawaii business owners are realizing that they need professional and skilled computer technicians to help

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