How Can Managed IT Services Benefit My Small Business?

Small businesses often have big ideas, but their resources may not match their dreams, especially when it comes to IT. Downtime, security problems, outdated technology, and no time to handle it, let alone deal with daily operations, is bad news for small business. Enter managed IT services, which can cover any part of a company’s IT needs. It can handle email or running the entire IT department.

Not only large companies rely on IT, of course. Managed IT services are becoming more popular with small companies. With managed services, small businesses can operate on a similar level to enterprises, knowing someone is there to identify threats and solve problems. There are many benefits to round-the-clock monitoring and management, including streamlined operations, cost savings, improved security, enhanced IT expertise, and a better ability to keep up or with the competition.

Streamline Operations

Naturally, when a company employs an entire IT department, management, monitoring, security, and more are needed. If all that work becomes the responsibility of one person, they may know what is happening on all fronts but can become overwhelmed and burn out. Either of these situations can lead to blame and frustration if something goes wrong.

With managed IT services, one vendor does everything. If anything goes wrong, it is on them to fix it and they are accountable to you. This streamlines all aspects of your IT, with fewer errors and faster fixes.

Save Money

Because managed IT services are predictable and tailored to a company’s needs, they work well for small businesses that need to budget. Vendor fees are a stable cost, making it easier to handle cash flow. Most managed IT services can expand as needed as the company grows.

This scalability continues to add value as your business moves forward. As demand shifts, your managed IT service provider will shift as well to meet your needs.

Stronger Security and Compliance

Managed IT service providers follow strict standards for security and control. Many specialize in areas of compliance to assist you with your compliance needs. If you ever go through an audit, there is no need to panic if you have been working with a managed service provider.

Managed IT services providers also work to keep your business technology up-to-date and safe from threats. Many small businesses skimp on IT security, figuring they will not be attractive to cybercriminals. Contrary to this belief small businesses can be a big target. Managed service providers know the threats and keep up to date on security concerns, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Additionally, managed IT service providers typically host data and apps on the cloud, remotely. If there is ever a disaster or outage at your office, your service provider still has your information secure and accessible. Business continuity, security, and particularly compliance are no longer worries. Managed IT services bring you peace of mind.

IT Expertise

Smaller companies might not have the budget to hire extremely experienced, skilled IT professionals outright. With managed IT services, your small business gets all the specialized skill sets and dedication an enterprise can afford. With this in mind, your IT department’s overall skill level improves greatly, without the associated cost. If you still have in-house IT staff, they can focus on their expertise, leaning on innovation and strategy to grow the business.

Stay Competitive

Ultimately, every business needs to set itself apart from its competitors. This can be more challenging for small companies than for large businesses. Losing a lot of time and resources to managing daily IT operations cuts down on productivity and innovation. However, outsourcing all of that to a managed IT services partner ensures a small business can focus on strategy.

Whether you need a complete IT overhaul or a little assistance for your in-house team, Tor Technologies is here to help. We offer expertise and security, improving your productivity, business continuity, and overall success. With flat-rate, all-inclusive IT support services customized to your business needs, you are sure to see the benefits for your small business.

We are happy to talk with you about your IT needs to find a solution that suits your company and its goals. Contact us using our online form today to have one of our team members reach out. You can also give us a call at 808-797-2100 or email us at [email protected].

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