Skydrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Others

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As a small business using a file hosting service can be a real benefit.  File hosting can include cloud storage, online file storage, file protection, and Internet hosting.  These services make it so you can access a document or file from any allocated computer, tablet, or smart phone that is networked.  What was once a rare and high tech idea is now commonplace.  With so many options it is hard to know which service might be right for you.

Here is some information on the more popular and well known services to help your business decide what might be best for you.

  • Skydrive – This is a Microsoft program that comes with 7GB of free storage; which is more than most of the other programs.  It works to synch OneNote and the other Microsoft suite of products, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  It is much like the iCloud system, but only for Microsoft projects.  You can create document from free, share public links, and view or edit private links.  This program is not compatible with MAC systems.
  • Dropbox – This program allows for your small business to synch files from many multiple devices.  It is really simple to use and set up.  With this system you get 2GB of storage for free, with extra storage being rather expensive.  It is reliable and can connect to many apps.
  • Google Drive – This is the Google file storage system option.  Connected to the current Google Docs program, Google Drive now adds storage and collaboration to their already popular program.  It allows for drag and drop options and connects to Google+, Gmail, and Android apps.  It comes with 5GB of free storage and upgrade options are reasonably priced.
  • SugarSync – This is one of the more popular alternative to the big name file shares and comes pre-loaded on all Lenovo computers and phones.  It allow for drag and drop, file synch, and password protection; which isn’t something you will find with the other services.  It allows for 5GB of free storage and monthly pricing is reasonable.
  • Insync – This program is very much like the Dropbox program only much less expensive.  It allow for you to have as much storage as you have with your Google account and can still allow for you to use the Google Drive without any problems because it is connected to Google.

These are just a handful of the services that are available for file services or cloud functioning.  There are dozens more.  Only you will be able to determine which service offers the features that your business needs the most.

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