The Apple iOS 6 and Your Business

The recent hubbub over Apple iOS 6’s maps and their obvious problems has drowned out the excitement over the device’s capacity to increase productivity in the workplace. For businesses already operating on a Mac platform, the ios6 might just be a godsend.  New features allow for the automatic sorting of emails into relevant folders, and FaceTime – Apple’s answer to Skype – can be used by iPads operating on iOS 6 that are connected to cellular service.  The Do Not Disturb mode allows users to stay unconnected if they’d like, and JavaScript functions have also been largely improved. There is also a clock feature incorporated in this release which can accommodate multiple time zones. Since iOS 6’s Safari is iCloud enabled, users can comfortably move from device to device and resume reading or browsing the web wherever they left off on another device. The tweaks made to this version of iOS should speed up daily administrative duties, meaning more time can be spent on important projects and tasks.

In addition to the new features offered by iOS 6, the Passbook application provides a unique opportunity for small business owners to interactively market. iOS 6 users will see ads for familiar locales as they pass by, and loyalty program information is automatically loaded. Passbook users are also able to pay with their phones, and the storage of customer data allows for advertising that appeals to consumers based on their individual preferences. Loyalty apps for return clients should be easy to build, and consumers will have direct access to their coupons and gift cards using Passbook. It’s a marketer’s dream, and a small business owner’s ticket to cheap, effective advertising.

The good news only goes so far, however. Because the new iOS 6 places a heavy emphasis on social media, the temptation to use Facebook – newly integrated – or Twitter is high. Siri’s improvements are also notable, and it might be a little too easy to ask what time that movie you wanted to see is showing, or where the best sushi place in town is located.

Cutting to the chase, the new iOS6 leaves little room for complaint. The only problem you might have is liking it too much, that is, unless you need directions. Google Maps is sorely missed, but Apple’s 200 tweaks and revisions have definitely made a wonderful product even better. It’s an update that Apple users won’t want to miss.

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