4 Ways to Improve Your Data Security

You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition, or leave your passport on the floor while you visited the restroom. And yet, many business owners leave their networks and data just as vulnerable to theft, attack, and misuse.

Data security is a big deal to us, but also to your clients, customers and business partners, who are only as protected as your business practices and your network will allow.

Here are some things you can do today to improve your data security.

Modernize Your Network – When you get updates on your computer, they are often intended to improve security. Hackers are constantly looking for ways to gather passwords and critical data. It’s important for software manufacturers to be one step ahead – or at least to keep up with them – by closing avenues of attack.

If you are using outdated software, your business is likely to be vulnerable to outsiders. By upgrading your software and firmware, you help protect your data and your business.

Monitor Your Network Security – In addition to making sure you have the latest versions of all your applications, you should also ensure that you have network security in the form of virus protection, a firewall, and a system of authentication so that only authorized users can access critical data.

Monitoring all this takes time and should be one of the core responsibilities of an IT professional.

Backup to a Remote Location – Your critical data should be backed up in an offsite location. This way, if your geographic location is under threat – whether from a natural disaster, such as flood, fire, or storm – you will not lose your backup archives.

Automate Backups – One of the top causes of data loss is human error. People sometimes think they have backed up when they haven’t, or they might skip a day, or two, if not a week or two. There are plenty of cases of workers overwriting critical backups by mistake, deleting files that the business will need a system restore is required.

This is one area in which it’s wise to reduce or remove human involvement. If you automate anything, automate your backups so that your critical files are constantly stored whenever someone updates them.

In many cases, hackers have access to systems without their owners knowing. If you can see the effects of your system vulnerability, you may already have had intruders for some time.

Don’t wait until your data is under threat before you take precautions to protect it. Take action today. Improve your data security to protect your business.

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