Trends for VOIP in 2018

In 2018, we can expect a lot more IT-related abbreviations that will help collaboration and boost productivity. Here’s an explanation of what these trending abbreviations stand for and why you should pay attention to them in the year to come.

Mobile UC (Unified Communications)
You’re probably no stranger to the rise of mobile use over the last year. We’ve gone beyond 4G to 5G. Apps are increasingly sophisticated and are often embedded in mobile devices.
Expect improvements to the unified communications experience provided via mobile. You can look forward to better sharing, improved collaboration functionality, and support for meetings. These improvements will take place through better chat, conferencing, content sharing, and video calling, as well as other technologies in development.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Imagine technology that could solve telephonic and other technical issues without human interaction. In this scenario, AI might automatically resolve issues, providing very fast response times and problem resolution, as well as less downtime.
AI may also be involved in unified communications. Automatic speech recognition and analysis could lead to businesses having more insights into trends, sales data, and marketing.
We may also see AI used to enhance automatic call answering via AI voice assistants. Alexa and Siri use machine learning to interact better with consumers. AI voice assistants may also “teach themselves” to interpret customer requests and effectively deal with frequently-asked questions. Live agents would be able to focus on dealing with issues that the AI has escalated.

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems)
More and more businesses are saying goodbye to their traditional landlines. VoIP networks are increasingly reliable, flexible, and cost-effective. They are not only the equal to traditional landlines, but provide more benefits.
Also, businesses are seeing an increased demand for video and data sharing. VoIP is on their side, making life easy, whereas POTS cannot meet all their needs effectively.

IoT (Internet of Things)
According to Siemens, 26 billion objects will be linked to one another via the Internet by 2020. Your milk will tell you that its shelf life is coming to an end. Your fridge will go ahead and order some more. And VoIP phones will be an integral part of controlling and interacting with these connected objects. VoIP technology will be perfectly placed to play a significant role in office automation.

The future of business and technology is exciting. Businesses can either enjoy the benefits or play catch-up. To make sure that your business is making the most of new technology, get in touch with us for more information and helpful advice. Large or small, we keep your business objectives at heart.

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