How to Choose a Good Managed Service Provider

A managed service provider helps companies and organizations outsource their IT needs or augment existing IT staff and functions. Simply put, a managed service provider takes some of the pressure off of a company, while making their tech that much more efficient. Working with a managed service provider is often a new step for companies, especially small businesses. Knowing how to choose a good managed service provider ensures organizations can make the most of this partnership.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Together with an organization and any IT staff it may have, a managed service provider handles many aspects of computing and networking. A managed service provider might deliver services like networks, applications, security, administration, or IT support. Most importantly, these managed service providers take on the responsibility for what they provide.

Certainly, most managed service providers do not take on customer-facing roles, but rather work in the background of operational tasks. They can handle tasks that are critical to the company. And they do this so that in-house staff can focus on daily operations.

From IT to payroll to workforce management, a capable managed service provider with experience can help organizations in numerous ways. By choosing an MSP, companies benefit from more staff without paying full-time staffing rates.

It is that capability and experience that is most important. This is why we have created this list of how to choose a good MSP.

How to Choose a Good Managed Service Provider

Though, clearly, a managed service provider can do a lot for a company, finding the right MSP may not be such a clear choice. A poor MSP can lead to communication issues, downtime, regret, and wasted money. Here’s what to look for when choosing your MSP.

Certainly, a good MSP must have good availability. Managed service providers with experience will give clients estimates of response times and uptime guarantees. Consider how much your business can handle outages or other issues. Ensure that an MSP’s responsiveness works with those needs.

Similarly, you may want to consider if your business will need on-site support as well as remote support. Some managed service providers do not offer on-site support, while others may not offer 24/7 remote help. A disaster or other issue could strike at any time, however, so be sure to choose an MSP whose hours and format works with your needs.

You will certainly want to consider their experience within your industry. Some managed service providers offer generalized services. Others are industry specific. Experience is critical in industries with compliance and regulation issues.

Does the MSP focus on prevention or does it react to issues? In most cases, the ideal MSP can identify and fix problems before they lead to downtime or other incidents. Find out how your potential MSP deals with problems. Look for a provider with a proactive approach.

While budget is certainly important, it is equally important to understand that good MSPs are worth the investment. That said, the ideal MSP will personalize their services to fit your budget and your business needs. Ultimately, the right MSP can save your organization money while promoting productivity that brings in profits.

Finding the Right Managed Service Provider

With all of this said, it is clear that finding the right managed service provider requires research and effort. However, the effort is worthwhile when you find the MSP that will make a positive difference for your organization. And remember that as much as your organization is working to find the right MSP, a good MSP should work to meet your business needs.

The ideal MSP takes time to evaluate your organization. An excellent managed service provider not only wishes to work with your business but dedicates itself to improving it. And whatever the MSP, the firm should begin by getting to know yours.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for technology or services. So be aware that no MSP should take a one-size-fits-all approach. By working with an MSP that understands your organization’s specific goals, they can deliver the technology and services needed to support and enhance that vision.

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