Is Your Tech Support Preventing Future Growth

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Tech support is essential these days as most businesses won’t get far without employing some degree of technology. The usual modus operandi is to have a company website to advertise and sell your products and services. A business without a website is like having a horse and cart instead of a company car.

Consumer Trust

Websites, social media, email – these recent technological advances have transformed global commerce. The one drawback is that in business most people still like dealing with people, not computers.

Most consumers are happy to fill their shopping checkouts with your goods. They trust you with their credit card details and that they’ll receive their purchases through the mail in a few days. But, things can go wrong from time to time. Goods get lost in the mail. Transactions are not actioned.

Problems can be magnified if your product or service is linked to technology, such as software or hi-tech gadgetry. Disgruntled consumers need someone to talk to. What they don’t need is a another unfeeling computer screen. They want someone human with whom they can raise their concerns.

Outsource vs In-House

This where damaging problems can begin if you’re not careful. It’s easy enough to invest in new technology; you just throw money at it. But building a tech support team with in-house employees who are able to listen and deal with consumer problems can be difficult.

Pick the wrong people and there’s no easier way to send your business reputation into a tailspin. Tech support staff effectively deal with the concerns of staff and customers alike. If they are not trained properly and can’t deal with the whole range of issues they encounter, your business will suffer.

Customers who are unsatisfied due to your technological issues may feel badly treated and may not offer you a second chance. Worse, unhappy customers tend to leave negative feedback online, deterring other potential customers.

The smart answer is to play safe. If you try to divert staff who are competent in other areas of your business, they are not guaranteed to do a good job as tech support. Further, they may grow to resent their new tech support role and leave.

Don’t risk ruining your business reputation for the sake of saving a little on labor. Outsource your tech support and be reassured that the team dealing with your customer base is skilled in this invaluable role.

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